Hotel for Dogs Premiere

Avan Jogia, Simon Curtis and Victoria Justice at Hotel for Dogs Premiere Jan 2009

Josh Hutcherson, Avan Jogia, Victoria Justice and Simon Curtis at Hotel for Dogs Premiere January 2009

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  • awwww! i loved the movie,
    this looks like looadds of fun (:

  • Hi, I am a very big fan of yours and so is my sister. We are excited to see you in spectacular. I didn’t know were to leave a comment so I left it here. You should work to put a guest book because I’m sure alot of other people would enjoy posting their comments on here as well.

  • I love all the movies that you are in!!!!!!!! I loved watching you in Spectacular and in Gym Teacher the Movie, you are a great actor and I am a big fan.

  • why are you friends with that girl be friends with me Im better than her and more cuter so contact me ill be wating for you LOVE YOU

  • updattee, please? :)

  • Hola avan, me parese que sos re lindo y que tus ogos son lo megor de vos, aunqe tu pelito aci tipo re larguito re hay no se como desirtelo por eso avan tenes una caida que es ermosa y por hay sy te qedas pelado no inporta porque yo te voi a segir amando para toda la bida y ce que algun dia nos bamos a conoser y vas a ser mi espozo y bamos a cer felises para toda la bida.
    te amo

  • my friend just told me about you, so i dont know much. but im first impressions are woww, what a blessing you got with that face. your so young, n fresh.. look at youu..

  • ok avan…heres the deal, im not going to write a sappy heartfelt love letter about you (dont get me wrong ur cute)because the prupose of this letter is to help you open your mind. i beleive it would be to your benefit if you auditoned for the role of Fang in the upcoming movie MAXIMUM RIDE. if your looking for a way to say thanks to all your adoring fans then trust me, they wouldnt like anything more then to see you on the big screan doin what you do best…acting.
    i think you would really enjoy filming this movie…if you’ve always wanted to fly then this is your chance. also there wil be opportunities to fight, run around, and pretty much kick butt.
    Fang is the strong and silent type so u wouldnt talk a bunch. but that doesnt mean that u wont ever get camera time…i consider Fang like the second main character next to Max. oh yea did i mention there is even a little romance (if the director wants it).
    so please your fans are trying to tell you something!!! look for signs. you’ll know what to do. good luck with your career. no matter what you chose to do uv always got fans to tell you how great you are. *Jane*
    P.S. if Avan doesnt really read these…just tell him ok??
    and if he (you) does really read these jsyk..i feel like a loser for just writing that.

  • also iv always wanted to know if you think its wierd to have tons of people tell you how ‘smokin hot’ you are…personally it would creep me out but idk maybe some people like it..

  • i want more photos!!! :D

  • hey, i agree with Jane! You would make a PERFECT Fang in every way! OMG. so totally listen to her (and every other fan out there) and AUDITION!!! :)

  • I am such a huge fan :D I can’t wait till you add more to this, can you put a little about your life, because I look everywhere and can’t find anything about you, like your parents, if your an only child, things like that!

  • Nice Blog ! Found it on bing.It seems that you`re doing a great job… I`m going to save this to my bookmarks…


  • Love your acting on Victorious!

  • I have always wanted to ask a famous person what it is like to be famous. Are you like people say you are or another beautiful person not alowed to show who they really are? You are amazing, and I am very happy to leave this. I am a great fan and like I always say, Fly Sky High, And Nobody Can Stop You.

  • 000Omgg !! I♥U Alot !!! I know datt u play in Victorious i watch every time it goes onn !! i think urr really hott !! if ur not goin out with anybody call me @951 684 1667 I really ♥ u !! ☻☻☺

  • if u read my comment on facebook i requested to u to answer a question: R u REALLY gonna play Fang on the maximum ride movie? and then i said i would web stalk ya or for real in life
    im not trying to be funny oh and my facebook thing is Sara Sanchez have a merry Awsome summah dude :)

  • OMG!!!! I love u sooooooooo much Avan!!! You r totally awsome in all ur shows!!! I love Victorious and I wish I was playin the part of Jade. Everyone thinks ur hot EXPETUALLY ME!!!! I love u and would LOVE to meet u!!! Good Luck in all u do! I hope u read this!!! BYE :)

  • U r the most lucious thing 2 hit the tv. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEE u and i am a very very very very very very very very big fan of urs. I wish i could play Jade in Victorious sooooo much! and i wish i could play victoria justice in real life! Victoia,some ones bought 2 snatch yo man. Hold on tight 2 him. JK i love u 2 victoria… as long as u keep yo distance…

    sike. u cool :)

  • I agree with jane and moni…U need 2 b fang!!! U r the perfect person for it and most of the rumored cast members r pretty sucky. If u were in it the movie would be better!!!

  • AVAN JOGIA IS AWESOME! avan, no joke, i am your biggest fan!!!! i love your character, Beck, on Victorious!!!!!! Victorious is my favorite show!!!! you rock, Avan!


  • OMG!!!! Avan I am a HUGE fan!!!!!!!! I would LOOOOOOOVEEE to b on Victorios!!! I wanna meet you soooooooo bad!!!!!!! I love you soo much and u make me kaugh in victorious :) I think ur sooooo awsome that i even drew a picture of u in the county fair :D ur awsome and i reeally hope 2 meet u some day

  • hey i’m such a big fan i love you

  • i luv u so much u r such a great actor and ur cute too!

  • You should try out for the part of Fang in Maximum Ride. You would be perfect for it. WAYYY better than Robert Patterson.
    Keep those movies coming.

  • I rally liked the movie.. you’re good .. :)


  • * Really ( My english is as good as my Azeri)


  • HEY AVAN!!!

  • hey i hope you get this message listen i know im only 11 but i love you so much
    tell victoria i hate her stinkin guts but shes a great actress
    ive only liked you for a couple of weeks but your sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous
    and i hope that you and victoria are just friends
    i love your hair by the way
    i searched you up on google images after i found out your real name and this ultra gorgeous photo came up
    love you alway aarifa

  • hey guess what now im gonna be a daily commenter but im not gonna say bad things
    listen i would like you to add something to this site both your fans and i would like
    you could whenever you have time write a message for everyone that comes on your to see.
    itll be a great way to connect to your fans and coz its a new site itll be great
    from aarifa
    p.s ive got more ideas if u need them
    i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • hey avan
    its me aarifa i have another idea but its not 4 ur site so listen
    coz its healthy but sweet
    1 get a piece of bread in a plugged in toaster and turn it on
    2 when the toast is ready spread a very thin layer and i mean thin layer of magarine on it
    3 get your fave honey and draw the shape of an A representing Avan
    4 have an enjoyable first bite and if u already do this dont stop doing it but if you dont eat honey on toast then promise me youll take a bite
    luv aarifa<3 (heart)

  • iw ish you could reply with your own worda avan
    are you a tribe fan its a show on abc
    my friends say its cool and they think this 1 guy named ved (dan weekes hannah) she loves him so much
    well i think youre more hansome and charming then ved well ved is alright but youre more cuter
    love always aarifa<3

  • not trying to be mean but i think you should be the star of your own show because
    1 your fans would love mainly seeing you not you in tiny areas of the show
    2 i would really apreciate you listening to me even if i am 11 it still counts
    3 and your very awsome cute funny and hot so everyone wants to see you!!!!!
    love always your love aarifa

  • Kat from THAILAND. please

    my best friend loves your work and its her birthday in a few days (october 21st) and i really want to get a photo of you holding paper saying ”happy birthday sasa” its not hard work… PLEASE

  • *i lllovve you avann(watch out girls the rulers comin through)
    *trotchie#1*(litealy im in girls football and my # is)

  • I have seen taht girl with Avan and victoria what show is he on i swear he stars in Hannah Montana and something else anyways Nice Pic x:)

  • Yo!homeboy u cute but Miley got’s to go she’s getting married so u need to get ova her. She is cheating on u trust me i know i use to be her biggest fan but she started smoking and drinking and my mom said she’s a bad influence!so stop chilli’n wit her cause u gonna end up hurt!U FEEL ME!

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  • Hey buddy! I really loved that comment . Please let me know if you submit any more.

  • Hey avan i would like to know if ur a mexican?oh well anyways i love how u act and think ur hot.i hope this doesnt bother u me telling u
    ur hot.i am a big fan of urs and watch victorious because ur in it and because its cool.and dont worry im not like those fans that cry when they see a famous person or faint im just a normal big fan of urs.i think u should go out with selena gomez(my oppinion only)but u should u guys would make a beatiful couple dont u think so dont u like her and want her to be ur girlfriend.please read this and respond to my questions avan please

  • I love you so much and you are so cute.I love the movie gym teacher

  • you are so hot!!

  • I love youu Avan <3 Im your BIGGEST Fan … Can you send me anything pls !!,email … hi or other things …. i love you forever

  • Hey Avan I sooooooo luv u. I think ur really cute. And I luv u. I know I said that twice I just really luv u. Alright three times I’m sorry I just luv u 4. Just think ur real CUTE:-) I really luv u:-* :-) ;-)

  • ok in that second Photo ‘Josh Hutcherson Looked so small compared to u three it looked quite funny but i like josh so yeah! um….
    My sister and I really ENJOY watching victorious and kkeep it up!

    LOVE U JOSH!!! xD

  • hey avan
    i like victoria justice. i´m biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan. i don´t like miley cyrus.
    by avan
    viktoria and klara i love you

  • i love him!hottest guy on the plannet…i get so jealous when he is with or kissing jade xoxoxoxo i love his hair,eyes, might sound crazy…but i adore him and he is the most hottest dude

  • avan jogia love (kk)

    i think tori is pretty,and that u and elizabeth are like total opposites,but show your love 4 eachother.9 is my fave number-and u were born on that day…and i luv the month february!if i was 19,you would probably be dating me.I LOVE YOU and there is no other way to say it…xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • I just love you x


  • I love you! End happy birthday evrybody in my class love you to the boys kiss kiss bye bye!


    xxxxxx iloveyouu.

  • I LOVE YOU………………Avan u are my favorite




  • hes so pretty i had a dream of me and him kissing

  • hi avan!!! my name is erika and I LOVE VICTORIOUS!!! and your songs!!! victorious make me laugh to exploit!!! i want to be an actress and singer from nickelodeon and disney.and seriously is my passion!!! i have 13 years! that bad thing is that my parents support me. that my dream and i will fight for but not as. but i do not give it!!! but it is also sad that no auditions for the role you :( add me to your facebook? my name is erika lizzeth mendez torres and acting is life!!! i love victorious and nickelodeon!!!!!!! i love my future!!!! ;)

  • i love you Avan Jogia !!! you rock !! <3

  • hey avan i didnt know that u are 19 thats cool, i like to watch victorious. your character is cool and cute like you.

    your fan

  • hey i am a big fan,your a well actorious and your fucking hot! i am pretty sure you get that a lot, i have a facebook hit me up on that.

  • hi avan i am i fan of you

  • I love avan. He’s. So freakin cute!!!!! I want to be in a movie with him. :-* haha keep up the great work avan!!!

  • i love you avan! and my 4 year old bro thinks u r so cool!

  • Hey Avan!,
    Its mariah and i just wanted to say you are reaaaally coooooot and like really talented. i am prob the one fan that doesnt go all crazy when i meet someone famous. you no? cuz some famous ppl are just like shut up!!!! but trust me tht wouldnt happen with me! lol. but u and the cast of victorious should come down to maryland and visit and have a show or something filmed here.!! it would be amazing if i could be in it but i highly doubt it. <3 but anyway. lol. i just wanted to say, your really coot and seem fun to hang out with. and i do have one question do u like victoria justice? like more than a friend??

    ~~ Mariah~~ <33

  • ohh and if you could can you please email me @ if there are any like auditions you know about like a tv show or movie?! thanks! you should txt me too tho! only if u want tho. lmfao. 410-979-9048 :D okay thanks but really email me if u know of any. thank you bunches.

    ~~ Mariah~~ <33

  • You are so cool im just a fan of u even my friend angelica ! ||||
    XD :D :)

  • hi avon! i think ur incredoubly hhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooottttttttttt!and intelligent! u r the best tingy that evr came on tv!!!! i, of course ur #1 fan, will luv u 4evr!

    luv u

  • HI I LOVE YOU!!!and i whant to bi like you a actor a (Norwegian:)

  • Hi avan look at the glamours girls show please tell your friends we have 27 viewers so. Avan we want to have 98 viewers so tell your friends.

  • I LOVE YOU AVAN!!!! My little bro is almost 5 and he is your role model. LOVE YOY!!!!
    P.S keep up the good looks!

  • OOPS! i meant LOVE YOU! i put love yoy!
    teeheehee! :)

  • I take pleasure in, result in I found just what I was taking a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  • hi avan i love your hair and i love u and i am a big fan of you and the rest off the cast victorious

  • excellent post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector do not notice this. You must continue your writing. I’m sure, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

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  • I love you Ithink you are hotter than justin bieber do you know that im in love ive never felt this way im really selena gomez please dont tell this to justin but i hate him so much!!!!!!!! you like victoria justice

  • Anan Jogia would make a perfect Sam in the Book shiver when it comes out into a movie!!!!

  • Hi Evan I’m not a fan of yours tell you I liked chesteo I’m from Russia I immediately looked up, I think you and even the unknown about this site because that is all there pishud good words and TP. but I know that this message all the rest you can not read, but Will you come here if you please can you write your address where you are you okay with choby rewritten, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey Avan your so hot will you marry me

  • hey Avan will you have sex with me your so hot

  • SO SO SO SO CUTEEEE!!!! <3

  • Avan jogia is canadian not mexacan He is so cute i want to date him

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